What is Windows 11 Ultimate?

Windows 11 Ultimate is a customized Windows installation made to maximize performance, protect your privacy, and deliver a smooth experience.

This is achieved by removing certain Windows components, editing the registry, and making other changes by using several tools. One of these tools that has been the most helpful in editing the installation is NTLite.

Below are the most important features that have been incorporated into the installation. This is followed by a disclaimer and limitations section, describing the risks and limitations of this Windows version. Next, the benchmarks section contains some screenshots showing the difference between the unedited version of Windows 11, and Windows 11 Ultimate. Finally, there is a short section on the process of making Windows 11 Ultimate.

This installation is created for power users, gamers, developers, and anyone else who want a simple, fast operating system.


Fully debloated

UWP apps? OneDrive? No.
All non-essential programs, folders and files have been removed from the system. This results in a Windows installation that uses about 9GB of disk space after setup depending on the size of your drivers.
Moreover, the system will be quite a bit smoother from this debloating, since it won't load programs like Cortana, Edge and Defender on startup.

All telemetry removed

no more spying
All services, programs and registry keys regarding telemetry have been removed. This results in a privacy friendly environment, from which Microsoft can't automatically send itself your userdata.
Just in case, all Microsoft's telemetry servers have also been blocked in the hosts file.

Default security uninstalled

Windows Defender, Firewall, smartscreen
For users who know what they're doing, an antivirus is futile.
All Windows security features have been removed, as they use your PC's resources in the background.
An antivirus can always be installed afterwards, and it is recommended to install an antivirus for anyone who is not comfortable with having no security installed.

Unnecessary services disabled

If it isn't required, it shouldn't be running in the background.
All unnecessary system services have been disabled, and non-essential telemetry or security services have been deleted.

Fully tweaked

lots of under-the-hood optimizations
Lots of tested registry tweaks have been applied, mostly regarding memory and scheduling priority: animations have been disabled system-wide, SSD and HDD drive speed has been optimized, CPU scheduling has been improved, flushing the write-cache buffer has been disabled on all drives, and lots more has been done to enhance performance.

Faster internet

lower latency, higher speed
TCP Optimizer has been used to optimize the ethernet settings, and all energy saving features on several ethernet controllers have been disabled.

Improved mouse input

direct input, smooth experience
Mouse acceleration has been disabled on the entire system by using MarkC's MouseFix, in order to give 1-to-1 mouse to pointer response. This means that every 'pixel move' the mouse sends to the PC will be displayed as the movement of 1 pixel, instead of sometimes being discarded or accelerated to more pixels by mouse acceleration, which happens by default. Direct mouse input allows for better performance and accuracy in games.

Optimized CPU timings & power plan

get more out of your processor

HPET is disabled in windows because this results in lower latency.
To take advantage of this fully, it is recommeded to set the timer resolution to 5 milliseconds using a tool like ISLC,
Timer Resolution or ThrottleStop.
The general CPU power settings have been optimized as well,
using a custom-built power plan, disabling throttling and parked cores.
This allows for a faster system in general: better response times, less stutter and higher FPS.

GPU optimized

MSI mode activated, preset installed
A full optimum-performing preset for NVIDIA GPU settings will be provided for NVIDIA users. This preset has been made using Nvidia Profile Inspector. Next to this, the MSI mode will also be activated for all supporting hardware, further improving performance.

Disabled RAM compression

less CPU usage

By default, memory compression is enabled to allow more things to be stored in the same amount of RAM, without compromising a lot of performance. This is useful in scenario's where memory is scarce, but is unnecessary when more than enough memory is present. Disabling RAM compression lowers CPU usage.

Disclaimer and limitations

This custom ISO has several risks and limitations that come with installing it
Firstly, and most importantly, make sure to make a full backup of your current system and files in multiple locations.
You might want to go back to your old system and you will need your files once you have installed Windows 11 Ultimate.

This ISO comes without any antivirus installed. If you want, you can install your own.
You will be responsible for any consequences of using this version of Windows.

Finally, this ISO has some limitations since it is very minimal. Quite some features & programs have been removed from Windows 11.

           ☐ Most default UWP apps uninstalled
           ☐ No Windows Defender / Firewall
           ☐ Manual installation of drivers is needed.
              ➥ This can be done using Windows Update or Snappy Driver Installer (included in install)


comparing a base install (top image) to Windows 11 Ultimate (bottom image)
3.5GB ➜ 1.6GB RAM

Cinebench R20 (CPU test)